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The Zetor brand represents tradition, quality and reasonably priced products and services. The tractors were equipped with a robust and yet comfortable and safe cab, increased power at lower fuel consumption and improved transmissions with a higher gear range. The very positive reception we got affirmed our belief that the new design would move the brand forward, and that, in addition to producing the traditional technical mechanics ‘under the hood’, we would be capable of offering tractors that attract attention from afar zetor wspomaganie naprawa.

Below is Midlands Lubricants suggestion of our own brand that are suitable for use in Zetor Tractors we do not represent the Manufacturer or Trademark if you cannot find what you are looking for please call or email. Zetor tractor, standard 2 wheel drive, 80 hp. 2 new tires in front 90 % good tires in back. The tractors are equipped with a standard fully synchronized gear box 10+2, which has been improved in the new models to have better ergonomic use of the stick shift and the PTO controls.

We intend to look for opportunities in this area and deeper collaboration with partners from markets where the ZETOR brand does not currently have a distributor. Mass production of ZETOR tractors started in 7 August 1946 and the ZETOR trademark was registered in the same year. The Zector company has been producing high quality tractors since 1946.

The tangible results of these efforts were represented by new tractors of another unified series, the UR II. ZETOR’s engine portfolio includes three-, four-, and six-cylinder engines with power ratings between 50 and 170 hp. The engines are sold with an aftertreatment system, which captures dirt and pollutants produced by fuel combustion. The operating costs for Zetor tractors can hardly be beaten.

Other technical improvements of the Zetor Forterra HD include the front drive axles with a differential, additional four-section distributor of hydraulics with electrohydraulic controls, auxiliary two-section switchboard for front three-point linkage and front outlets, new design of the right multifunction control panel in the cab and cab suspension.

Proxima tractors are universal mid-sized tractors ranging from 70hp – 120hp, specifically designed for working with agricultural implements and industrial aggregates. With its power category under 80hp, Zetor Major builds on one of the most successful models in Zetor’s history. That is why we have introduced the new design direction ZETOR by Pininfarina. The new cabin also helped to reduce noise in the cabin below 85 dB. Thanks to these innovative procedures, the ZETOR brand was globally acclaimed and topped the charts of global tractor manufacturers.

Michael Collins reports on a major tractor production celebration from eastern European company Zetor. Member of the first series of Zetor tractors, produced by Zbrojovka Brno. Zetor Forterra HSX tractors are equipped with 16-valve engines which are appreciated for their high torque reserve (more than 36%) and economical qualities thanks to which the 225 litre tank suffices for the whole working day.

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